Saturday, March 12, 2011

openSUSE 11.4 ready for combat

Already here openSUSE 11.4 ,one of the most important releases of the year as far as GNU/Linux distributions relates, and pending the analysis, we will pre-heat a little room with the typical post-installation guide, specially dedicated to new users, to make this version ready for combat.

First, the usual recommended quarantine after the release of any distribution (to prevent errors) seems to openSUSE 11.4 and the past, because it shows fast and very stable. Sure is something, always something ,But seen and tested so far in GNOME and KDE versions is of note.

Second, extras repositories are available from before launch (Never seen), so that the availability of the most popular packages, and many more, is from now on a few clicks away.

Installing the system is as simple as expected, but options do vary with the Live CD or DVD, The latter being the recommended option for most users, among other things.

With the system already installed for the first time on the desktop, first thing is to upgrade your computer. It can be done much faster by using zypper console, but let's do it visually with Via the YaST Online Update.

As we shall see, the concept "out of the box" is very present in openSUSE after the first update of rigor already have Flash Player, MP3, translations and dictionaries the language you have chosen as default, many extra packages, etc. (if we ask to restart, it restarts).

It is time to return to YaST and enable the extra software repositories. The process is as simple as you can see below:

Repositories to enable depend on our choice of desktop and software needs (We can activate the GNOME repositories although we use KDE to have more applications available and vice versa), using an NVIDIA graphics card, but there are some common to all users as Contrib, Packman or libdvdcss.

Once activated the repositories, there are more updates available and although it could do everything a little more "cold" towards errors to ensure the approach to a reliable system, we go step by step.

For example, if my graphic card is NVIDIA, after this update we will have the proprietary drivers installed, But it should at least restart the graphical server for changes.

Now, let complete extra support packages, with special attention to the multimedia section ,With a click (the next action you must do it from Firefox, Eye)

There. Do you need more applications? The software manager! Or with One Click Install.
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