Monday, March 21, 2011

Login in Linux with a USB memory

we will tell you how to order loguearnos with our linux pen drive. Login with a USB means that when you turn on the pc and get to the GDM, instead of putting the password of your user put a flash drive. For home use do not think this has much use, except to feel more geeks

Another thing you can do with this method is that each time you remove the flash drive automatically appears on screen saver, and then instead of putting password, you should put the pen drive to enter again.

But even so let's see how.

First install the needed packages:
apt-get install libpam-usb pamusb-tools
Connect the pen drive and add it to any name. Try to be the only pen drive connected. And by the way the data is not erased pendrive.
pamusb-conf –add-device token
Now we show a summary of the flash drive and make us a question, respond with 'Y'

Now add the user account associated with pendrive:
pamusb-conf –add-user youruser
We will return to display a summary and ask a question, answer 'Y'.

Can verify that the authentication works properly like this:
amusb-check youruser
If it says: Access Granted is because it's all right.
Now as sudo must edit /etc/pam.d/common-auth and add:
auth sufficient
Already, so they can log in using a pendrive linux. But you can do many more things, lock the pc as I said earlier, and even run certain commands (eg to make a backup) automatically when you connect the USB stick, etc. But that I leave you

Please note that this method does not add anything to your flash drive, simply records the data in the uuid and serial number, things can not be changed and copied to another pendrive.
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