Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to exploit the new features of IE9 on your site

On Monday officially presented new Internet Explorer 9 and promises to be "revolutionary" but do not think he gets a Chrome or Firefox, but I wanted to tell a tool llamdo IE9 Creator ,That allows us to adapt our web site to be compatible with IE9 and able to use its new features.

Some of the features that can be exploited by adding meta tags generated by this program are the ability to control the color of the sailing dates of IE9, add Jumplists the icon of the window, control the window size, etc..

Its use is very simple, we just fill in the fields of name, the tooltip that is coming when we move the mouse on the icon of the browser, the homepage, the window size, the color of the navigation arrows , etc.

Once we finished with that we give to the button Generate and Copy to Clipboard to copy the metatags that will have to hit just under the tag <head> of the site.
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