Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 good reasons to upgrade to openSUSE 11.4

One of the contributors to the official blog has written a good list of reasons why anyone should consider upgrading to openSUSE 11.4, a distribution that is a speck of candy since it theoretically on next 10 March, in just 13 days, we will have with us.

the Decalogue will leave everything more clearly. Why upgrade to openSUSE 11.4?

10. Design: OpenSUSE 11.4 is released with new artwork called "Stripes", which promotes such contrast in the terminal and includes images visually very attractive home.

9. Wine: In this edition of openSUSE will have Wine 1.3.10, which is a very mature and stable version of this essential component for those who use Windows games and applications.

8. Pool Management: According to the author, work by adding and removing software sources is now much more comfortable thanks to the work that has been done with the package manager.

7. Install works right: The concept "out of the box" which refers to how well that works right distro be installed is one of the more polished, especially on issues such as hardware support by default, including graphics cards.

6. Native software patterns: As in previous editions, the selections or sets of packets, in openSUSE, "patterns" - provide access to sets of tasks in areas such as development and multimedia creation.

5. Security and stability: One of the tricks which the author says are key in openSUSE for many versions.

4. YaST installer: The process by which we met this old guide when installing the distribution is easy to follow even by novice users.

3. Featured upstream projects: The most popular projects among the Linux community are accessible. Things like GNOME, KDE, LXDE or even IceWM are included, and so do applications like Banshee or VLC. It's hard not to find a popular package is not available in the repos.

: In addition to this approach in KDE 4.6, the distribution will also pay special attention to this desktop environment. Although those who choose to opt for default GNOME 2.x, you also have the ability to test GNOME 3 and GNOME Shell in the distribution.

1. Community: OpenSUSE users, as those of other Linux community, always willing to help refine and improve any part of the distribution.

As the author of the original article the reasons are subjective It is user-confessed collaborator openSUSE project, and although they are somewhat general reasons, you should always be taken into account.
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