Friday, December 10, 2010

Thunderbird Conversations, another Mozilla Labs experiment

In addition to creating add-ons, Mozilla Labs people also keep in mind, for quite some time, Thunderbird, the best mail client. It all began with the famous Mailing list manager, Which helps us to more easily manage our mailing lists, then appeared Quick filter and the rest is very recent history. Now we turn to surprise Conversations with Thunderbird, an interesting extension that will bring a smile to more than one user of GMail.

Why they liked, mainly users of GMail? Because this extension is directly descended from the familiar Gmail Conversation View, Which brought the famous Thunderbird "conversation view" of our mail, provided by GMail.

Now this extension, the developer included, are part of Mozilla Labs under the name of Thunderbird Conversations. A priori, we will, as in GMail, see the mails in the form of conversation, quick response, integration with other extensions like Enigmail and other interesting features that can be tested on a daily basis.

This extension is only available for Thunderbird branch 3.3.x, that is, if you'd have to use an unstable version of Thunderbird. Moreover, from Mozilla Labs warn that this extension works best Contacts for Thunderbird installed. May prove downloading the first alpha of Miramar 3.3, Conversations install Thunderbird and tell us what you think.
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