Saturday, December 4, 2010

Google Chrome 8.0 for Linux : new stable version, and sandboxing

The line of development of Chrome just to adopt Chrome version 8 within the channel of stable development. With it coming features like the integrated PDF reader -sandboxed- And support web application platform that Google is developing applications: Chrome Web Store.

Undoubtedly, in addition to critical bug fixes and not so critical of version 7 is a recommended update that will automatically if you installed Chrome.

Google just released Chrome 8 in stable channel distribution. The version marking is 8.0.552.215, The latest beta version 8.0.552.210. It seems that the arrival of Chrome 8 brings many improvements, but more interesting is the stability and speed in addition to integrated PDF reader.

With this release comes integrated reader and native PDF running under sandbox and shows efficient and safe. Moreover, this version will support future web applications hosted at Google Chrome Web Store, When finally presented. In addition options synchronization have also supported this new feature, can synchronize applications.

Chrome 8 brings over 800 bugs fixed and improved stability against Chrome 7, offers options such as tabbed laterlales, Google Instant Search, Off outdated plugins, CSS protection, GPU acceleration, 3D WebGL, and printing in the cloud, among others.
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