Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Android now use the Ext4 file system

With the advent of new Google Nexus S, Android reaches version 2.3 (Gingerbread), And with it the use of powerful and popular file system Ext4.

Ext4 file system is currently used in most modern distributions Linux, And it is considered quite stable and secure with minimal risk of data loss. Not for nothing Google has migrated its entire server infrastructure (the largest in the world) Ext2 to Ext4.

Most current devices with Android use the file system YAFFS, Which despite being lightweight and optimized for storage in memory flash, Has the problem that only runs one process at a time, which eventually cause bottlenecks in concurrent dual-core systems, the next generation of devices Android.

The developers of Android applications should have no problem with this change Ext4, Provided they use the API High-level storage, which is absolutely secure. If despite this, developers directly access the file system should only be careful to hold time information in the buffer time (a basic and essential feature Ext4), Preserving the data persistence.

Indeed, there are no immediate plans to implement the file system Btrfs (From Oracle) Because it is not yet considered mature enough to be used at production level.
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