Saturday, November 20, 2010

SystemClean, system cleanup script

SystemClean is a script that cleans the system of unnecessary files. At the same time, does not affect the system settings or programs.

Operations in the system:
  • autoremove
  • autoclean
  • clean
  • Completely uninstall programs that have not been completely uninstalled
  • Clean lists of broken packages.
  • Clean the apt cache
Operations in the Home:
  • Clean the cache of the programs of your choice (not affecting the program settings)
Completed at the operations we can see the results in a log file in /home/user/.systemclean.

  1. Unzip and open the unzipped folder
  2. Open the home directory.
  3. Press CTRL+F, find the folder ".gnome2" and open it.
  4. Open the folder "nautilus-scripts" and move the file "SystemClean" to folder "nautilus-scripts" path is"/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/".
Download: GnomeFiles
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