Friday, November 12, 2010

Manage your fonts in GNU/Linux with Font Manager

You can administer your own fonts, install new and remove those that are other, is a task that users of GNU/Linux environment we like to do. Especially if we lean more about graphic design, or writing for papers, etc. Fortunately, this is very easily possible with Font Manager, a font manager for GNU/Linux, more specifically for the Gnome desktop environments, but can be installed on KDE or Xfce.

With Font Manager, now at version 0.5.6, you can administer and manage collections of fonts. In addition to the fonts of the system and the user. This application, on startup, automatically detects all the fonts installed on your system, and allows searching by name or preview them with custom text.

To get the Font Manager program, we can go to their official website and download the package .deb those resulting Debian/Ubuntu. Once downloaded, double click it to launch the "Package Installer." Failing that, you can download the source code to compile and install on other distributions that are not based on .deb.

Anyway, Fedora users have available in their repositories. So simply open a console terminal and type the following:

  • $ su -c “yum install font-manager”
An indispensable tool and remarkable, with many functions, among which we mention:
  • Preview the fonts installed
  • Comparison of the installed fonts
  • Install or remove fonts
  • Enable and disable installed fonts
  • Specify different directories to find sources
  • Font Collections
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