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Let Ubuntu face with Windows 7

One of big complaints we hear from those who tried to migrate personal computer (or company ...) to Linux is that look of Linux is quite different and therefore learning curve is large, requiring long user to adapt - this time he can not spend (being an employee who depends on productivity) or do not want to spend (for mother who did not want to learn again how to get to ... Patience).

Personally I find it a bit forced, if users are able to migrate from Windows 98 to XP and then Vista (considering largest jumps in visual system), the learning curve for using Gnome should not be so great. And if instead of obliging user to find a new visual system, we use look of Windows? So now that your system is like this:

It may look like this:

At first it may seem profane use a theme that will transform your Ubuntu on a Windows (after all, if you wanted to install Windows was Windows only, right?), But for beginners it is a good solution. Using this theme and installing right set of applications, it is perfectly possible to emulate Windows system to Linux, and thus decrease learning curve in migration. For company where you work, is perfect.

The transformation process is relatively simple: you download a zipped file, unzip and run install script (or uninstall if you do not like end result), answering some questions that will be made during installation. But before we continue, some important warnings:

  • The process of changing visual includes installation of some programs and editing configuration files for Linux. If you do not have much idea what he is doing or can not afford to be without your computer if procedure give any errors, avoid following procedures below;
  • This modification does not allow to run Windows programs, it just changes look. If you really want to run native Windows applications, the best solution is to install and configure Wine along with that theme;
  • The TB is not responsible for any problems in operating system of its users. The whole procedure has been tested and validated, so no point appear here after screaming "I lost my operating system!

Starting with heresy

That said, let procedure. You will need an installation of Ubuntu 10.04 and an internet connection to begin. Before starting, upgrade your Ubuntu by typing following commands in Terminal:
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade
With upgraded Ubuntu, it's time to download files that will modify look. Still in terminal, type:
  • wget

What this does is download files needed for ritual. At end, you should have a file called Win2-7Pack_v5.8_Multilang_Aero_MD5:9eeb04aa8847938a2b325b3e81c4ae2d.tar.lzma directory where you ran above command. Let's quickly diminished in that name, with a quick command:
  • mv Win2-7Pack_v5.8_Multilang_Aero_MD5:9eeb04aa8847938a2b325b3e81c4ae2d.tar.lzma Win2-7Pack.tar.lzma
You should now have a file Win2-7pack.tar.lzma. Better, no? Continue. Now, run following two commands in Terminal:
  • unlzma Win2-7Pack.tar.lzma
    tar -xvf Win2-7Pack.tar

This will unpack files in a folder. Now it's time to run installation script of theme. And here's a catch: if you use Ubuntu in English, simply access folder and click on Nautilus file If your Ubuntu is in Portuguese, you'll still have to use a little terminal. Reason? The script is "lost" if system is not in certain languages, and will begin to display dialogs in white and infinite loop. Thus, terminal, go to folder with files and type command:
  • ./ --language
This will call an additional window asking which language you want script to run. Choose what works best and move on. At this point, the script will begin to see what you already have installed on your system and will make a series of questions, asking to install some extra programs and like. You can define what will want to install or not, but tip is: if your machine is low or if you are running on a virtual machine, avoid 3D effects.

At end of process, you will be asked to leave system so that some changes take effect. Do that, and glimpse result.

Now your Ubuntu will face Windows 7, and even menus have changed to stay as close to Microsoft's System. Above, my user folder. Note that even most basic icons changed.

And how do I get back to what it was before?

If you mess with sacred laws of universe do not like, do not worry. In same directory is a file called Just click on it, follow instructions, and return to good old Ubuntu war.
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