Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turpial 1.3.4, new stable version

Turpial, native twitter client for Linux that I never tire of recommending announced arrival of new stable version 1.3.4 with new features among which are following:
  • Support for languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Taiwanese, French and German)
  • Option 'Reply All' in tweets
  • Spelling checker
  • Dialog to add friends from a list
  • Support for services Yfrog, img.ly, Mobypicture and twitgoo to upload images
  • support services Zi.ma, and cutting ur1.ca URL
  • Improved detection of special characters in hashtags
  • Optimized Services API
  • XAuth authentication (without PIN)
  • Proxy Support for Twitter API
  • Improved stability and usability of application
In Ubuntu we have a PPA repository for easy installation Turpial :

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:effie-jayx/turpial
    sudo aptitude update
    sudo aptitude install turpial
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