Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fedora 14 will be delayed until November

Jared Smith, new Fedora project leader, announced yesterday that will suffer delayed release of Fedora 14, codenamed Laughlin.

According to comments in a meeting with representatives of Development, Release Engineering, and quality control equipment, scheduled Alpha evaluate to what conditions have made is development and decided they did not pass quality criteria.

The delay of a week launch of alpha will cause an overall schedule slippage, which causes final version, which was scheduled for 26 October, passes day set for 2 November if no further delay.

The team intends that each launch Fedora meets all requirements, but have to wait.

Well, I think anyone will know Fedora expect if, as they always end up choosing a polished version and in optimal conditions.

You can read announcement in lists of Fedora Project.
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