Friday, August 6, 2010

11 Options to optimize images in Linux

With passage of time and many theme changes I made in my various blogs I've noticed that are 3 things that make a site load slow: poor hosting some javascript scripts and images that are very heavy.

The first 2 are easiest solution (a good hosting and godaddy and remove unneeded scripts.) But deal with images sometimes do not do it for simple laziness, or may not know program that does it or because there are many images that we have to try. Then I want to show you several options to reduce and optimize images in linux. So look for tool that best suits their tastes and alleviate a bit web

PunyPng ( It is an online option, perhaps best of them, one simply upload an image and optimized site allows lower it with less weight. The disadvantage is that it can sometimes take a long time to upload an image if our connection is very slow or if picture is very heavy.

Mogrify. It is a command line utility (must install imageshack since repositories) and reduces weight of an image like this:
  • mogrify -quality 75 imagen.jpg
Or so many in a directory:
  • mogrify -quality 75 *.jpg
Trimage. It is a graphics option, can reduce one or more pictures by simply dragging images to program window and some evidence has fallen to 40% by weight of images.

OptiPNG. It is another utility to command line (you must install from repositories) but it is easier to use, it's almost easier to use than a graphical interface because only parameter you need is name of image, so:
  • optipng imagen.png
And we get optimized image. The reduction in size is usually not much but program ensures that no loss of quality in image.

Pngnq pngcrush Pngquant. Are most useful for console, all available for installation from repositories, reduce images a little more than OptiPNG but loss of quality is higher. Let's see how they are used:
  • pngcrush imagen.png imagenligera.png
So pngcrush destination image source image
  • pngnq imagen.png
No science, program does not overwrite image but to create a new and added some extension to distinguish it.
  • pngquant 256 imagen.png
The number you see there is number of colors in image. The lower number of colors lower weight and lower image quality too.

Shrink O'Matic. An application in AIR that allows you to optimize images JPG's, PNG's and GIF's. Useful for those who want graphical interface and not bothered to install AIR. Download here.

Gimp Plugin. This was long most popular methods for optimizing images. It is a simple plugin that adds option of "Save for Web" or "Save for the web" to GIMP. To install it should only download this deb.

Gimp without plugin. Maybe best way to optimize images yet which requires more time is to use GIMP and learn what kind of extension use some saving options and crop and resize image.

WordPress Plugin. And it would be more comfortable than having to do anything to optimize images? Well, this plugin can be achieved. It's called WP Smush. What plugin is that each image being loaded on his blog passes before adding to post. Excellent right? You have an option to optimize previous images or images that we have already on blog before using plugin.
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