Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Create shortcut to open Nautilus as root in Ubuntu

I would like a shortcut in applications menu of Nautilus with root privileges for when you need to avoid having to open terminal and typing sudo nautilus, or Alt + F2 gksudo nautilus (backbreaking how few)?

task is simple, we must type in a terminal following
  • sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/Nautilus-root.desktop
Within paste following text file
  • [Desktop Entry]
  • Name=File Browser (Root)
  • Comment=Browse the filesystem with the file manager
  • Exec=gksudo “nautilus –browser %U”
  • Icon=file-manager
  • Terminal=false
  • Type=Application
  • Categories=Application;System;
Once saved file you will find shortcut in Applications> System Tools

You will notice that pasted text to differ with two named sources, particularly to me has worked with text of Ghacks, and it's that I put in this entry, so that it will try to work with one another.

Personally I prefer keyboard shortcut Alt + F2 and type gksudo Nautillus think is takes less time to do that than to go to shortcut created, but it's always good to have alternatives for every taste
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