Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review of GIMP 2.7.1 With Pictures

I will refer to most important thing brought in by this version, a pilot version of official version number 2.8, which is expected to be released late this year or early next year:

First: For first time , version released by one window, where he was maligned on this program it is multi-windows, and thus causing designer a degree of confusion and prevent exploitation of entire screen space, it should be noted that although health of which is said they cause some confusion for designer , but also it offers possibilityallocate ideal for windows this program This image shows difference between multiple windows and single window.

For those who are accustomed to multiple windows, and do not want to change they should not worry about, because both options available, and that by controlling desired option from list of windows, as it was possible to hide all windows - except for a window drawing only - Also, there is bar to establish images, as is case in browsers, where he was able to open any number of images and will show them tongue in this tape, to move between images by pressing tongue each image in this tape, or by the new shortcut: Ctrl+PgUp/PgDown Not only that, but that option customize windows mini within single-window has become more flexible in allocation, where it appears before you, I put Options window toolbar next to toolbar, and not bottom, and this through a process of drag and drop normal mouse . Another amendment on interface is automatic change to size of tabs , in case of a space, and there are many changes will affect program window , wait for news Shares in image show following all of above

As well as property was added to long-awaited program and are add folders to organize layers, where you can add an unlimited number of folders within folders , and therefore layers as well, and this property has been tested enough and have become quite stable.

Also added a button repel class before any change, which is useful for those who have their pictures on several layers and finished work on a specific layer , and feared to take any step editorial inadvertently affecting all classes, then I would accept enabled icon Alusd on this class, and if any pressure on tool ,and put cursor on this layer will appear cursor with tool icon and marked forbidden, Such as in image.

Also a tool edit text been subject to significant change, making it possible to write text directly on area of work without need for Fund of texts, and added some options liberalization on gray box color appears above written text, and can also activate old style Text tool through tool options.

The dynamic brushes fee is a real revolution in this program, where after I started this project previous stable version includes within project options Brush Tool and options is limited ,it is now independent, and so you get only what you need Create: new brush dynamics preset, and then you'll see a Windows Advanced will give you space to create a brush in very advanced.

Also, there are some brushes and new sources, and tell you that all those works of art brushes, patterns and scales as well will be updated in final version of stable after several years ,to cope with modernity and development which is a solution on program over past years.
Also become possible to change language of program directly through graphical interface to preferences of program.
There are still changes that will occur on the program to issue final form, but , second experimental version became very stable now, and I invite you to use
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