Monday, July 26, 2010

Cortina 0.5.0 ,New Update

Another new update of Cortina, an alternative to Gnome to change wallpaper automatically after a certain specified time, very simple to use and consumes very few resources.

The program continues to evolve and have available version 0.5.0 which has been updated to support multiple languages and added a tooltip that displays information about wallpaper in use.

We can install this package in Ubuntu deb:

Once installed to run find it in Applications> Graphics> Cortina. By doing so you will see that places an icon in system tray.

Clicking icon will open a window where we can choose whether we prefer autorun with each login, the time given between each change of wallpaper and specify folders where you have to search for images.

We closed and that's it, we'll have our wallpapers rotator working.
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