Monday, June 28, 2010

What's new in KDE SC 4.5 With videos

Just a month before and two days for SC KDE 4.5 and today I decided to compile some of innovations that will make your entry into this release. While surfing youtube I found several videos that show very good news and share with you. I will not mention all news, and only a few are:

  • New Tray and notification system
Although KDE 4.4 is greatly improved, still often quite intrusive. In KDE 4.5 SC notifications will be less annoying and even look different because they are grouped in tabs:

  • System Configurations
The window in which it carried out system settings have altered since KDE 4.4. If you look at video and then change subject plasma, etc. caba takes differently to KDE 4.4:

  • New KWIN effect: Blur
Perhaps most notable change is fact that this version will have option to enable the Blur. Believe me that when I say that it looks nice, it looks nice. To be able to notice it have to do next video in 720p otherwise not notice:

  • New effect KWIN
I do not know name of this effect but it looks very sharp. Look at new effect to windows:

Well these are just some highlights from KDE SC 4.5. Other news that I come to mind are: new Oxygen icons and new way to organize windows. We are eager to reach final but we'll keep waiting.
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