Three New Features in Fedora 14

With Fedora 13 launch comes just weeks ago, in a recent meeting of FESCO (Fedora Steering Comitee) and adopted three new features for upcoming Fedora 14 :


  • GZip changed by LZMA Fedora / xz as compression method for your RPMs in previous version 12. Fedora 14 take this preference even further by using it to compress your images live, allowing store more content in same space. The savings would be 10% and benefia all spins using livecd-creator.
  • Fedora 14 will replace old library for new libjpeg libjpeg-turbo tigervnc extracted, which is at least twice as fast for compression and decompression of JPEG private archives on systems with instruction set MMX / SSE. For systems without SSE support is still 25% faster than original libjpeg.
  • Fedora 14 Anaconda installer will add a new tab in "Specialized Storage Devices" to select Multi-path devices, which offer some kind of redundancy in enterprise environments and to support booting from them.

The following meetings will continue to define more features FESCO to freeze new for Fedora 14, which will be next July 9. Then his first Alpha version will be available mid of August, according to their timetable.

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