OpenSUSE discusses its distribution strategy

And announced that Commission and Strategy Team is working on OpenSUSE three proposals to define future direction for this popular distribution. Starting next week will discuss each of following policy proposals and end of this month project members will vote for one:
  1. Base Derivatives: Reduce number of packets by creating a strategy for long term support (LTS) for those who remain, providing core of a small distribution, stable and high quality from which to build other projects (like Meego and OpenWRT) "spin-offs" for desktop (with KDE, GNOME, LXDE, XFCE, etc.). and spin-offs specialist (education, multimedia, etc.).
  2. Home Developer: Provide most popular IDEs for software development and web as well as infrastructure to host them and distribute them in a desktop environment specially designed for needs of programmers.
  3. Mobile distribution list for cloud: Create a distribution that your users can create their own private cloud computing, but with connectivity to other services such as Google, which also support mobile platforms such as Android, Meegan, WebOS, etc. (But not from Apple, because they are closed)
Although as a web developer myself love option 2, I can understand that first is perhaps most realistic for limited resources even as OpenSUSE project, noting that something similar is what they do very successfully in other distributions such as Ubuntu or Fedora. The latter option seems too ambitious and yet difficult to achieve in volatile scene "cloud computing." Uds. " what do you think (focus OpenSUSE users)?

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