Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mandriva saved by investors

Apparently Mandriva financial ordeal came to an end, if we believe its new CEO who said Arnaud's Prevot ("unofficially?) That:

'Today, the company has found investors who decided to invest in company to return group to find a good balance and economic model. ... The concerns of community and users no longer have reason to be. "

Nothing more is known about who or who may be those angels investors, but also Linagora, which last week even said what his plan to restore to Mandriva, it also follows by referring to English LightApp and now French company specializing Wallix security.

But despite this uncertainty, the new future of Mandriva it would finally secured, as it hastens to clarify Prevot:

"We were aware that existence of Mandriva was threatened, but this is no longer case."
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