Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ryzom Goes Free Open Source!

Announced launch of interactive game code (Ryzom) and 3D graphics under a free license, allowing community to understand, develop and precursors and removal of central servers.

The previous attempt to edit game was in 2007, when he announced auction of game and started campaign community to collect pledges for purchase from Company Nevrax ,Free Software Foundation pledged to donate 60,000 U.S. dollars, but campaign did not succeed, and sold game to Company Gameforge AG, which kept a monopoly.

Gameforge AG went bankrupt in October 2007, and closed game, and then re-opened without any announcement of new operator. Announced new operator (Winch Gate) and news of resumption of accounts payable in May 2009, which was published later engine is licensed under GPL, and today completed actions to launch game and publication of its specifications source client-side and server-side licensed under the GNU AGPL, and graphics licensed under CC-BY- SA. The code game consists of more than two million-line software.

This is a great step for freedom of entertainment, let us see what future hold for this game free!
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