Sunday, May 9, 2010

Madriva for Sale

At time proclaimed ratification of 3G modems type Huwawei (E156 and E160), and ZTE (MF626 and MF100), an article was published on its website tells us that mandriva initiated discussions for resale.

Since 2008 and the financial position of mandriva disturbing. The physical condition of company worsened in 2010. The company aims (since March) to rely on € 200000 of cash for settlement of financial burdens, and provide a plan for continued payment of wages.

The transition state is currently facing mandriva led to consider establishment of a system to maintain level of participation of core developers for mandriva to ensure success of current negotiations that would ensure continuity of group as a result. In other words, re-sale of company is - it seems - only alternative to closure. It is still too soon to know results, particularly for staff, who number almost 80, and users who are estimated to number about 3 million around world.

Excerpts from minutes of Board of Directors on March 24 indicates that company LightApp renewed desire to get mandriva. LightApp development company based in London hosted development of information solutions (or Distance) via Internet to re-use old equipment or cheap, or even as a cheap TV enables customers to connect to Internet and broadband.

France Foundation has a weight in this sector, a group also interested in buying Linagora mandriva. Linagora representatives claiming that they had begun negotiations with mandriva. Group Chief Executive Linagora, Alexander Zapolsky, also pointed out that discussions were under way to study buying part of company's assets.

I hope that end of what happens to mandriva good, since it has been and remains one of most beautiful and most distributions, ease of use.
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