Monday, May 17, 2010

Linux kernel 2.6.34 released

Released new version of kernel Linux, which holds 2.6.34, of course - and like every new version - there are new features and greater support for hardware and many reforms
Of most prominent features in this version:
  1. Support for Distributed File System ceph
  2. Support file system Logfs allocated to storage drive based on Flash memory (such as hard drives SDD, fingers flash ..)
  3. Add some drives, such as: VMware ballon driver
  4. Add new updates to the file system btrfs
  5. Support for switching between graphics cards for devices that are available on more than one card
  6. Support for parallel testing in drive and pata_atiixp pata_efar

From here a list of all new version of new features and additions
To download this version: here
As for who owns Ubuntu can follow what came in this topic : Upgrade kernel (lucid) your Ubuntu to upgrade directly from package manager
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