Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google release WebM (container multimedia free) and its orientation towards YouTube

Google today released (under its annual event Google I / O) community projects for development of container and a strong free multimedia she named WebM. Container is a container that contains video, audio and translations is based on container Matroska, and will use format in which video VP8 (which Google announced intention to make it free last month), and coordinated sound Vorbis.

Were also launched encoding VP8 - within project - under a free license that allowed everyone to be implemented and modified and improved, provided that user sue anyone for breach of encoding for patents owned by you.

Google also announced that videos with a resolution of 720 pixels or higher, which will be uploaded to YouTube after on May 19 will be encoded using new free format.

And launched Free Software Foundation congratulates Google statement on this change after they had sent her an open letter asking them to make it free two months ago.

The browsers Firefox and Chrome and Opera will support this format in addition to format Ogg - which is supported by those browsers currently - in next versions.
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