Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GNOME 2.30 release in FreeBSD

The release of Gnome 2.30.1 - a modern version of desktop, which was known before in Linux, but now it is in FreeBSD -
It is new gnome shell, which is anticipated in Gnome 3.
  • To inauguration should be ports has been updated using cvsup or portsnap Beyond:
  • To fix any errors in file responsible for storing list of programs in your system.

pkg_deinstall-fO gnome-keyring
  • Delete gnome-keyring
portinstall security / gnome-keyring
  • The reinstatement of gnome-keyring
  • Redevelop of all specific programs in system.
  • You should then be implemented in following command:
D: mean delete programs that are downloaded from Internet, you will find in folder / usr / ports / distfiles.
C: scan files that were created during translation process, can be found within each program was inaugurated under name of work, for example: / usr/ports/x11/gnome2/work.
Otherwise, you will find that a large area of your hard drive has disappeared
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