Saturday, May 15, 2010

Downthemall 2.0 beta release

This version came additions and new features many:
  1. Possibility to determine speed of download options: General Preferences ,Per Server,Per download
  2. Department of mirrors: add / delete / modify on download sites (mirrors)
  3. Support for browsing secret
  4. Integration with video and audio files
  5. Add a property media-sniffing, when you run clips flv and other formats will be identified (works with https / http only)
  6. Integration with Video DownloadHelper
  7. Support metalink 4
  8. Support to examine files and retrieve download with metalink
And many many features and other add-ons
this page to find out by yourself:

Note: The add-on is available in English only and will add support for other languages in future versions
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