Monday, April 5, 2010

Songbird Stop Supporting Linux

Announced the development team Player Multimedia Open Source (Songbird) had stopped its support for platform GNU Linux, and as a result of the lack of developers working on Songbird, and their desire to focus on such priorities as: Add new features and a good support for Windows platforms and Mac.

Decision may be somewhat surprising, especially when it depends on Songbird platform Firefox free and relies heavily on open source technologies.
And to alleviate news, the developers announced that they will continue to maintain a copy of program for use by Engoa Songbird who develop on Linux platform, in addition to work of building a mechanism for Linux developers on the page but will not be tested, like its counterparts from other platforms.

And equip development team has a long list of new features for next version of Songbird, such as: video support, and management of library and import audio and feature support (full screen), as well as full integration with Windows 7 In addition to supporting a wide range of devices.
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