Saturday, March 13, 2010

Latest news Ubuntu 10.04 - a new design and logo changes ubuntu

Ubuntu's new logo :
New feature
Human attribute has been changed - which were not desirable in many - to feature the most beautiful, was named light

Illuminated version:
Dark version:
Boot screen:
The change was made from upsplash to plymouth, while still xsplash is

The new design for the boot screen:
Feature a new instant messaging program empathy:
The new default background:
Make many improvements to the tool indicator:
Login screen:

Latest News Release:

News Confirmed :
At the outset, the name of the version Lucid Lynx, which is the name of the animal (wild lynx)
10.4 will be Ubuntu LTS: This means that they will be supported for 3 years

GIMP image editor will not be in your neighborhood, and you can download it from the Package Manager
Transition from usplash to Plymouth : This means the effects of the movements during the boot

The kernel 2.6.32 will be the default

Video Editor PiTivi probably will be the default

News unconfirmed :
May contain a program to back up
The transition from F-spot to gthump

Timeline for the issuance of Ubuntu 10.04 and technical support for the Ubuntu distributions:
Some pictures of the most important changes:
Scan simplified became available in this version: 
Added to this version Gwibber:

And for those with special needs:
Software Centre

System / Preferences
Was added three new items:
Gwibber Social Accounts (Account Settings)
Gwibber Social Settings
Messaging and VoIP Accounts (Account Settings for emphatyhy)
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