[GUIDE] How to install Mozilla Thunderbird 60 via PPA

What is Mozilla Thunderbird ?
Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source client available in Linux, Windows and MacOS, and can manage multiple email accounts. In addition to getting news, RSS and chat.

Although the latest version is Thunderbird 60.1.2, and it is about two months since the release of Thunderbird 60, Linux Mint 19, Ubuntu 18.04 and the beta of Ubuntu 18.10 still only offers version 52. only Flathub offers the version 52.9.1.

Today we will explain to you how to upgrade to Thunderbird 60 on Ubuntu and derivatives.
Mozilla Thunderbird 60

How to upgrade to Thunderbird 60?
This is done easily by using the stable builds PPA, after which you will receive future Thunderbird updates. PAA is available for many distributions such as Linux Mint 19.x, 18.x and 17.x. In addition to Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04 and 14.04.

Provide the following commands after opening the terminal:
  • sudo add-apt-repositoryppa:mozillateam/ppa
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt install thunderbird

If you upgrade to Thunderbird 60 and then have problems or do not like this version, you can return to Thunderbird 52.
To do this, first install ppa-purge with the following command:
  • sudo apt install ppa-purge

Now you can undo the older version with the following command:

  • sudo ppa-purge ppa:mozillateam/ppa


GNOME 3.32: Remove the Application Menus starting from the next release

Starting with GNOME 3.32, the application menus will be removed.
GNOME 3.32 "Taipei" has been officially launched, and very soon the first milestone should come, after GNOME 3.30 "Almeria" is released.

GNOME 3.32 "Taipei"
Until the expected date of release in March 2019, talk of the news remains very early, but there is news leaked about the removal of the app menus from all the apps.

You may ask, what is the application menu !!!

The application menus are the top panel with which the user interacts, where they can close an application or change settings. It exists since GNOME 3.0 and GNOME 3.30 will be the last version that contains the application menus.

What will change when I remove the application menus ??
What will happen is that you will no longer be able to close applications or change settings through the top panel. You will be able to control applications through the Applications window only, as shown in the image below:



Samsung Galaxy A9 will have 4 rear cameras

Samsung Galaxy A9 is the new member of the Galaxy family that will have 4 rear cameras. Samsung was announced on 11 October, 2018 in an event called "4X fun"

Samsung Galaxy A9 with four lenses
It seems normal in Android that the smartphone has more than two rear lenses, which, like the Samsung Galaxy A9, may have four lenses.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Evan Blass Posted on Twitter a leak For the specifications of the new device showing the characteristics of each lens individually:

  • The first camera is the main camera 24 MP with f 1.7
  • The second camera is a camera 5 MP with f 2.2 and live focus
  • The third camera is telephoto lens 10 MP with f 2.4 und 2x optical zoom
  • The fourth camera is Ultra Wide camera 8 MP with an angle of 120° with f 2.4

In addition to other specifications in the Samsung Galaxy A9 unveiled by the leak such as 6.38 "diagonal display and Snapdragon 660, the Samsung Galaxy A9 will come with a 3720 mAh battery ideal for the Galaxy A series.

KDE: Plasma 5.14 available

If you want to know the new features in Plasma 5.14 you are in the right place
Know with us the bugs that have been fixed


Four months ago, KDE Plasma 5.13 was released, today Plasma 5.14 was released

KDE: Plasma 5.14
The updates included in Plasma 5.14 (which will also be available in Plasma 5.15) are:
  • Thanks to fwup you can update the PC firmware directly from Discover
  • You can access Snap's development channels
  • Many improvements have been added to UI and have been working to increase overall stability
  • Now you can see the dependencies that the application needs
  • Requesting applications based on the release date is now enabled
  • If the software update replaces the existing packages, the user will be alerted
  • You will be able to create a flatpak back-end automatically
  • Breeze has been improved

The Global Menu is now supporting GTK + apps. In addition, the user can export encrypted files via Plasma Vault, and moving from the primary monitor to the secondary monitor becomes easier and easier.

Speaking of the Wayland interface, many errors such as copy-paste operations between GTK + app and not GTK + have been corrected. In addition, in order to support more applications on Wayland, two new interfaces are now available: XdgOutput and XdgShell, and the effect of manager Kwin and Pointer constants

In addition to all of the above:

  • For a better presentations there is a new screen configuration widget
  • SSH VPN in the network widget was supported
  • LibreOffice is becoming more compatible in the Task Manager
  • If other users sign in and you sign out, Plasma will alert you
  • You can view the new "Tools" menu in the System Monitor

On January 1, 2019, KDE Plasma 5.14 will move to EOL as well as access 5 maintenance updates. KDE Plasma 5.14.1 is expected to arrive on October 16, about a week from now, while KDE Plasma 5.14.2 comes a week later, October 21.
More information is available in the official release of Plasma 5.14 here.

The Mandriva fork Mageia 6.1 available

Many use popular distributions: Ubuntu, Arch, Mint , Fedora, as well as some other distributions. Since the number of distributions used is very large, Mageia is well worth taking a chance


Mageia is, in fact, a special distribution for less experienced users, a fork of Mandriva
After months of development Mageia 6.1 came on Linux kernel 4.14.


Here the user can find many updated applications such as:
  • Firefox – 60.2
  • Kernel – 4.14.70
  • Chromium – 68
  • Xfce – 4.12.0
  • LibreOffice –
  • Plasma – 5.12.2
  • GNOME – 3.24.3
  • VLC – 3.0.2
Download: Mageia 6.1 ISO
Size: 3.7 GB
available in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions

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