Google Mail Blocking
Google Inc. today announced the launch of a new update to Gmail, which added the possibility of blocking the disturbing mails with only one key press.

Now the users of Gmail on the browser can press on the menu button on side of replay button then chose Block to become this title banned immediately.

The company said in a post on Gmail blog that in many times the users may receive a lot of disturbing mails from some address and this is annoying, so the company worked to make the blocking of this type of mails easier.

Google has announced that the service is now available to all users of G-mile cross-browser, with the promise of their arrival to Android users next week.

It is worth mentioning that is on June Google has announced of Undo property to give the user the ability of undo transmit in 30 seconds after sending  the message.


New update for Google Wallet service on iOS

 Google Inc. has launched a new update for Google Wallet on iPhone and iPad to fully change the way of work for this application.
The functionality of the application has become limited to the transfer of funds between the users like Paypal, But what sets it apart is the ability to transfer of funds to the other person even if this person does not has Google Wallet account.
The old application had an ability to register the credit card to finish the payment operations safely with no need to fill in card data on every buying process.
Google unveiled changes in the Google Wallet service in May of this year, where they said that the serves after the new changes has becomes to send and retrieve the money only, Also it has updated the service on Android earlier in September.

The company embarked on the move after its service for electronic payments Android Pay officially launched to compete with Apple's Electronic service to pay Apple Pay addition to the Samsung Pay service.

The new version of the application is running on iOS7 or newer and Android 4.0.3 or newer .

And the new serves give the users of Android 4.4 -in the devices that has NFS technology – the ability to bay in more than one million place in USA.

It is worth mentioning that Google lunched its service Android Pay earlier in September only in USA with promises to provide the service gradually in more than one place around the world.

Wallet for ios, iPhone and iPad


Google may unveil its next Nexus device this month

Good news coming this month, the press event that Google invites to could see it unveil its next Nexus device, and other things from Google.
On September 29th the media are on an appointment to “a morning conversation about some new treat from Google”
Googlethis will be the first major event with Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google.
We know that Google isn’t always predicable, but now a lot of people say that the new Google hardware is coming.
Earlier this month CNET said that a Nexus launch was planned for the 29th, and there ‘s been speculation that Google has tapped both LG and Huawei to build different sized phones under its Nexus brand.  
The Nexus devices runs with pure form of android and is optimized for Google’s mobile software and it is worth mentioning that CNET also said that the company announced the name of its next version of Android…”Marshmallow”.
The Nexus devices are also usually fairly inexpensive, but Google doesn’t manufacture the phones itself since it  employs companies such as LG to manufacture its devices,  where LG previously created the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 phones .
A growing force in the global smartphone race Huawei — hasn’t ever worked on the project, but It’s speculated that LG is working on a regular sized smartphone, with Huawei contracted to develop a larger handset.
This news would be an interesting so this device would be an interesting development that fits with trends in the market. Both Samsung and Apple have released ‘little’ and ‘large’ devices to suit different tastes, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus from Samsung  ,  iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus from Apple have released and it seems like a strategy that others are embracing too.

That is not all, since 9to5Google reported last week that Chromecast 2.0 will land later this month with a number of improvements such as faster WiFi connectivity, faster playing, multi-room support and improved audio feedback.

Let’s wait to the end of this month to see what’s in a quiver of Pichai.

Transparent solar-powered battery the Iron Man’s transparent smartphones may become reality sooner

You may unbelieving this but it might become reality sooner , unusual type of battery that not only transparent, but it can also charge via solar power. This technology could be used in a lot of future products like a smart office and maybe home windows, we can make the windows let the sun’s light pass through them and in the same time it can recharge and store energy.
This battery developed by team of researchers at Kogakuin University,  this battery contains the same chemical compounds that make any battery work, it is not entirely transparent, the light transmittance is about 60% when full charge state, and when the battery exposed to sunlight, the battery becomes slightly tinted, transmitting 30% less light –but it’s still transparent.
To allow light to pass through the battery the team of scientists shrink down the electrodes, all the way down to around 80-90 nano-meter.
The work on this battery take from the team about four years since a team of researchers at Stanford come up with the concept of a transparent battery .
From two years ago the researchers unveiled a nearly transparent prototype charged with separate solar panel, then they began on integrating solar charging power into the battery.
The technology now close to becoming in use, but it’s not clear how long it will take until it’ll be used in commercial products.

This image showing the battery.



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