Saturday, April 7, 2012

GIMP 2.8 RC1 released: install on Ubuntu

It is unclear when GIMP 2.8 is finally released, but waiting to get their hands on the final release, the development team has a few days before the official release candidate of the project GIMP 2.8. GIMP 2.8 will bring important new features, including single-window mode, the groups of levels and many other features that are already in this RC1:
  • The text editing is now done directly "on-canvas" rather than in a separate window. It 's also possible to mix different styles of text at the same level.
  • Saving and exporting are now two separate activities. Saving an image can only be done in XCF format GIMP's native.
  • And 'possible to specify the size with simple mathematical expressions, like "50%", "30in + 40px" or "4 * 5.4in".
  • Greatly improved the brushes and their "engine".
  • And 'possible to save the toolset with a name chosen.
  • Added a new filter: Cage
  • New widgets, configurations and other improvements for advanced devices (eg tablet).
  • You can now tag GIMP resources, such as brushes and patterns.
  • Lots of other small improvements and bugfixes.
Install GIMP 2.8 RC1 on Ubuntu 12.04

Pending the PPA of GIMP PPA by Matt Walker are updated, you can use a script devised by Strycore. All you have to do is download the archive from this page, Extract the contents and place the script on the desktop. Now type in terminal:
chmod +x ~/Scrivania/
sudo apt-get install git
And you'll find GIMP 2.8 RC1 properly installed on your system!

Remove GIMP 2.8 RC1

To remove GIMP 2.8 RC1, open a terminal and type:
sudo rm -r /opt/gimp-2.8/
sudo rm -r ~/.local/share/applications/gimp2.8RC1.desktop
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