Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Windows Mobile: Kinectimals, the first Xbox LIVE game which will use the front camera

Here is some news for you recently, offered by the staff of LinuxTechCrunch. Microsoft has shown that, due to front camera present in some of the new Windows Phone, we interact with games Kinect Xbox LIVE. Kinectimals ,The first game Kinect Windows Phone 7 Mango ,Will be available free ,In short, in Marketplace.

With this game for kids can create their own little puppy of a tiger, lion, leopard, panther, dog, cat, and then feed him, heal him, make him play, make it grow. But the most interesting thing is that in addition to interacting with your fingers, just as in Kinect for Xbox, you can only play with the finger movement from the camera filming the front of our Windows Phone 7.

Also, as you can see in the video, you can generate a QR code, With your Windows Phone from the camera to show Kinect ,So as to transfer all the settings and game data from the phone to Xbox.
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