Thursday, November 17, 2011

OpenSuse 12.1 released: goodbye GNOME 2!

After two release candidates and a slightly delayed, The openSUSE team has released version 12.1 of its Linux distribution. The major upgrade to openSUSE operating system introduces a number of changes and new features to the entire distribution. Based on the Linux kernel 3.1, openSUSE 12.1 offers the choice between GNOME 3.2 or KDE 4.7 as desktop environments, giving the final farewell to GNOME 2.x. Users looking for a minimum of desktop and lightweight, they can choose between alternative Xfce or LXDE that, according to the developers, have not seen any updates since the release of the main features of openSUSE last year.

The release improves startup time, using the new system systemd init, and includes support for the Btrfs file system, but will still be the Ext4 file system to be used as default file system. Some upgraded packages include Firefox 7.0.1, LibreOffice 3.4.2, version 2.4.3 of Amarok music player, GCC 4.6 and 7.6.
"The openSUSE distribution and its thousands of open source applications are the result of contributions from individual testers, writers, translators, usability experts, artists, ambassadors, packagers and developers with fun and passion work together to create a unique set tools and products "
Jos Poortvliet said, openSUSE Community Manager. The update for openSUSE is also the first to incorporate a new delivery system for numbering The previous version was openSUSE 11.4. From 12.1 onwards, the eight-month release cycle will see a release x.2 during July and x.3 in March, when the cycle begins again. Thus, future releases of openSUSE will be the 12.2 in July 2012, 12.3 in March 2013 and 13.1 in November 2013.

Further information on the new version, including a complete list of changes, can be found on openSUSE 12.1
Wiki page and Release Notes. The download is available at the following link
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