Friday, November 4, 2011

10 relaxing wallpapers for your desktop to download absolutely


It 'a little' time to point out that there a collection of interesting backgrounds to set them to download as a background, perhaps in rotation on your operating system. Today there are well for you 10 wallpapers for relaxing, beautiful in my opinion, and that you can apply to any operating system: Windows - Linux - Mac. These images are snapshots depicting the characteristics of nature, particularly landscapes, lawns or flowers, which I will hit you in a positive way! Now enough of the chatter and enjoy them all:

Cereal4. Wall Pack by ~Little-Whittle

.138 by ~bo0xVn

Challenger by ~RurouniVash

Yellow tree wallpapers pack by ~nepst3r

Novosibirs Resrvoir by ~DPRED

Leafy wallpaper by ~xhoOp

Field Wallpaper by *Martz90

Sunset Walk by ~KE04

Doves Wallpaper by ~luuqas

Golden Earth by ~KE04

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