Friday, October 21, 2011

Pause or restart all downloads for Transmission directly from the Launcher! Here's how

Transmission is certainly one of the best client Torrent ,Present by default in popular Linux distributions included Ubuntu is used by millions of users every day.

For various reasons it may happen that while we are downloading some files Transmission We need internet connection for example to make an update or make a call Voip so we will have to pause and finished our downloads using the download then restart. To do this we need to work on but with a simple QuickList We can pause or restart all downloads Transmission with a simple click from our Launcher or sidebar.

Simply go to the link and right mouse click on the link and click on them or pause or restart all downloads, simply true.

To install the QuickList of Unity Simply start the terminal and type:
cd ~/.local/share/applications
nautilus ~/.local/share/applications
and drag the end of transmission-gtk.desktop contained in our file manager just started in Launcher and you're done.
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