Sunday, September 25, 2011

VLC Media Player Now Available in Pre-Alpha for Android

For the longest time we have been enjoying this great media player on PC, Mac and Linux alike. A road player that plays almost every format possible and that is certainly very popular. So far in Android, we could not taste it in terms.

At best we have had applications to control the playback of our VLC from your mobile phone to your PC. But from there to an official release there was nothing else. Neither had a definitive version for iPhones. But friends, today we finally have a glimmer of hope because VLC Media Player is now much closer, so that you can now download a version that, while not the final, We are on track.

As mentioned, is a Pre-Alpha version, so depending on you mobile version, it may even not work directly. It is also more than likely to have bugs and cause some FC's. This is normal in the case of an unstable version. Remember that is in evidence yet, and is unstable.

But it is certainly great news for those who have this great application as the first option when playing multimedia content.

You can download the application from the links below you pass, but first you must know what type of processor loads your mobile as they observe that there are two versions: NEON, NONEON. To find out what type of processor you have you must do the following:

  • Use any file manager with root access (Root Explorer or File Manager IS for example) and browse to the /proc
  • Locate and open the file in an HTML viewer cpuinfo (open with your browser).
  • You'll be seeing information about your processor. Neon Look for the word there.
  • If you find the word NEON, low NEON version, if not low, the NO-NEON.?
Download VLC Media Player (NO-NEON Version)
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