Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sony Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player passes through our hands - IFA 2011

Although most of our attention have led the attractive tablet S and P, Sony has brought in his suitcase Berlin many other interesting gadgets, including the complete Mobile Entertainment Player fighting with all his strength to prove that the family Walkman can still give a lot of trouble. This player features a generous 4.3-inch screen that serves as a showcase for version 2.3 of Android (Gingerbread) and a tempting HDMI port, among other things, may transfer your games to your TV. If the cables are not your thing, and already have a panel of compatible DLNA home, sure, you can also share content wirelessly.

Despite being still in prototype stage, the player of the Japanese house has left us a very good impression, first by the clarity of your screen and second by the sleek design which combines a kind of velvety finish plastic with metal inlays. In spite of us met with much larger animal facilities IFA 2011, The 4.3 inches of screen make us tremendously in our hands; clear that this does not mean their use is so complicated.Like any good launch which prides itself in the Sony booth, the player is integrated into the system streaming audio of the house, Music Unlimited. As it is, an unfinished product, such crucial details as its release date or price range for which moves are at this point in the film a mystery, but neglects to walk there lurking.

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