Thursday, September 1, 2011

Solve Excessive Use of RAM with Clementine in Mandriva 2011

Hello I have several days fly with a very annoying bug with the audio player Clementine Version 0.7.1 on Mandriva 2011.0. The fact is that when I close completely the player (not that it is minimized in the tray) that the window closes itself, but the program does not close completely, and it starts to consume too much RAM your computer.

It seems that the problem is Clementine and new versions of the nVidia card, and is affecting many distros Linux users. I went to the web bug report Clementine and I have the solution. I tell you, to make it simple for all/as, steps to follow:
  • Press ALT+F2.
  • Copy and paste the following line:
kdesu kate /usr/share/applications/clementine.desktop
  • Find the line that says:
  • And replace it with this other (make copy & paste)
Exec=env __GL_NO_DSO_FINALIZER=1 clementine
  • Save your changes and close Kate
Now when you restart Clementine will not have this problem. Apparently in the newer versions of Clementine Git no longer the case, but for now they are unstable and bring other problems.
This solution serves well for many distros linux users with this problem, the steps are the same, except that if you use GNOME gksu gedit do instead of kdesu kate in STEP 2.
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