Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The iPad 3 will be thinner and lighter with the addition of a new battery

The iPad 3 premiere a new type of battery, lighter, small and thin, that will help the future of Apple tablet designed to look even smaller in terms of the current thickness. In addition, the new battery will allow you to have greater autonomy.

Apple continues its philosophy of "improving the unbeatable" and are beginning to emerge the first rumors about the pieces that could incorporate the new iPad 3, Substitute the current one. The last of these leaks, it could refer to the incorporation of a new type of battery, lighter fineThat would allow the Apple tablet could further reduce its size and enjoy a greater life span thanks to the extended duration of this new component.

The new batteries, manufacturing would cost slightly higher than the current iPhone 2 (Between 20% and 30%), But would offer a number of very interesting features for Apple, such as that greater autonomy and greater security in the face of failure or possible problems.

And not only that. The appearance of this news gives us the opportunity to speculate on two fronts. The first is that the iPhone 3 will enjoy a new proportions that could make thinner and lighter than its current generation. And the second front, the more interesting if anything, is that finally, the iPad 3 could include the desired screen retina of the features.

You think that choosing a battery with greater autonomy is fortuitous? We do not, and there is a very clear reason: screen retina. Remember that the screen resolution retina would double the current screen, and that for the iPad 3 may have sufficient mobility, without reverting to continue recharging or times of very limited use, would need quite a pack load higher than the current generation.

The production of this new type of battery, start in the first quarter of 2012. It seems that Apple is moving tab.
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