Sunday, September 4, 2011

Apple gets to Samsung withdraws the Galaxy Tab 7.7 of the IFA stand

The battle over patents that maintain Apple and Samsung rages at times. Apparently, the Cupertino, would be behind the mysterious disappearance of Galaxy Tab 7.7 the stand of the Korean IFA. As we read, Samsung was forced to withdraw the newly introduced tablet of the event and the company's own website in Germany on Saturday at the direction of the courts of Dusseldorf, the same as banned the sale Galaxy Tab 10.1 The last month.

By Koreans, many resignation: "Samsung respects the court decision", says James Chung, a spokesman for the company, which continues to claim that the measure "restricted stock options to consumers" in that country. Cupertino have come from official statements about it, but something tells us this is not the last move. We will keep you informed.
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