Friday, July 1, 2011

Yahoo! Messenger 11 Final Stable

More than 7 months that the version Beta saw the light, now there's good news for all users and fans instant messaging service of Yahoo! of Yahoo!: The final and stable Yahoo! Messenger 11 has been released.

Clearly the slow development and low development of official client, instant messaging of Yahoo!, Which is not surprising, given the multiple problems for the company has experienced in recent years. However, it remains a highly service used by many people around the world (I know), and for them is this post.

Basically the features have not changed much since version beta ,Anyway here's a summary of the most salient:
  • Integration Social Games. Some titles are available Fishville.
  • Better integration with social networks. Read and discuss the status updates of your contacts Yahoo! Press, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter And more.
  • Update your status at the same time Twitter and Facebook.
  • Chat of Facebook integrated
  • Simultaneous access on multiple computers and/or mobile devices.
  • Access recent conversations from any computer.
Interested? Discharge Yahoo! Messenger 11.
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