Thursday, July 14, 2011

Transfer music from your iPod to your iTunes library on your Mac with xPort


Imagine the plight that they break the record of their Mac where they had stored the entire library of your favorite music, and have no way to recover it, but because they have all stored on your iPod.

Do not worry that's why there is a solution, and is called xPort. With this free tool can make a backup and transfer all our music from iPod to iTunes on our Mac very easily and quickly.

Some of the notable features of xPort are:
  • Recover music from your iPod to copy to iTunes
  • Transfer classifications, illustrations and covers etc. from your iPod to your Mac
  • Back up your iPod and not lose your music.
  • Lets you listen to music from your iPod on any player.
  • Copy 25 GB of music from your iPod to your computer in less than an hour.
  • Retrieves the lyrics on the Internet.
Can download xPort from the official website and completely free.
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