Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Gmail interface + Tips on how to activate

These days Google is gaining attention, especially Google + ,But also to redesign many of its services. Today it was the turn of Gmail ,As shown on his official blog a preview of what will be the Gmail's new interface.

I really liked this new interface, because they make better use of screen space, is less advertising, and is a combination of colors muya gradable. Also, when we scroll down just a stick is superior to action buttons most used in managing the mails.

Activate Gmail's new interface
Go to the top right-wing configuration and choose the Mail Setup. Then go to the Themes tab (or enter directly from this link) And the final will see two new items: Preview (give), and Preview. Select either and are automatically activate the new theme of Gmail.

The difference between the normal and dense matter is that the dense is a bit more compact and makes better use, but if you want something cleaner using the common theme.
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