Friday, July 1, 2011

Mozilla releases Thunderbird 5.0

Mozilla shows strong when quietly skip the version 4.0 of its email client, and its developers, which gave us a beta recently, announced arrival the final Thunderbird 5.0, An Open Source application which among other things will default client on Ubuntu 11.10 instead of the legendary Evolution.

One of the major changes in this client is the fact that Mozilla will launch from now a model of development similar to that adopted in Firefox: frequent updates, and fewer changes between them to accelerate development.

Thunderbird 5.0 is based on the same engine Gecko is based on Firefox 5, and also has a new manager of accessories and a new API for managing extensions. Other interface changes include for example the new wizard for creating email accounts and a new page of troubleshooting.

In Thunderbird 5.0 will find the option to show the size of email attachments next to the names of these attachments, and support for Flash content in RSS feed reader. The tabs can be reordered and drag windows to different customers.

Thunderbird 5.0 and versions with 32 and 64 bit systems running Mac OS X, but beware, because old Mac PowerPC and can not use this version, Which has dropped support for the processors in the old school Apple

You can find more details in Release Notes ,And can download this email client version for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the official project page.
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