Friday, July 22, 2011

Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux 3.0

If only three days ago we learned that the release of Linux 3.0 is delayed indefinitely due to a small error found late, and the "indefinite" is implied weeks the announcement has come.

Just as it did in the previous occasion, Linus Torvalds has again chosen as a means of disseminating Google+ which has been limited simply to say "3.0 PUSH OUT“.

Nothing more. Even The Linux Kernel Archives has updated its cover, which still appears as the latest version stable kernel, so it is difficult to give accurate information on developments Linux 3.0 will bring.

It is known that beyond the new numbers out of boredom or marketing-or both-this is an incremental release with many more error correction, addition of drivers, Etc, but promised "make concessions". If someone wants to take a look at the latest that was "touching" you will find information on the summary and summary notes.

In any event, as this becomes official announcement, said by Linus and is almost officially and be given more data, which could be today or tomorrow, we will offer the requested update information.
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