Friday, July 22, 2011

How to install programs in Arch, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows

Some basic after installing an OS is to install programs. Several programs are recommended for after installing ubuntu. But ... as you install a program on different operating systems?

Installing programs in Ubuntu
Open a terminal and type the command 'sudo apt-get install' followed by the program who wish to install. Example: we want to install gimp

sudo apt-get install gimp
Sometimes there will be programs that are not in the repositories (where ubuntu looks for programs) officers. But also with a command will be able to add those repositories. If they decide installing ubuntu you will realize how easy it is to install programs on linux.

Installing software in Fedora
Open a command console and type "sudo yum -i install" followed by the program who wish to install. Example:

sudo yum -y install gimp
It's the same with the fedora repositories, if any program is not just in the official repositories can be added.

Installing programs in Arch
The command in this distro is "sudo pacman -S" followed by the name of the program. Example:

sudo pacman -S gimp
In this case you just need to add a repository but the repository AUR.

All linux distros are installed if one prefers graphics for that. I personally prefer the console but every day they are becoming more and more popular installers graphics that are as easy to use. It's just find the program and a way to install and configure everything (no more than 2 clicks total).

How to install programs on Windows?
Here we make a distinction because there are 2 methods, one for free programs and other for payments programs.

Install free software in windows:

  1. Login to Home program
  2. Download
  3. Give two clickal. Exe to start the installer
  4. Just click on the following
  5. Accept the license
  6. Just click on the following
  7. Give button click to the end with the following
  8. Choose where to install
  9. Just click on the following
And that's all, relatively easy
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