Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Caution: "Google+Tweet" may contain malicious code [Malware]

It had to happen, the social network has become the target of many people, some see it as a platform to communicate, share photos, videos, news and more interesting, however, there are others who see it as the target for infect good or bad way. Yes, good way, at the end of the story, also end up affecting us. 

There are many applications and codes that have been launched recently to modify and add new forms of share the contents of Google Plus in other social networks. The truth is that I really liked and I have been using since the sharing come. However, one did not like but that is quite useful, is the complement to have Google+ (Google Plus) from Firefox (The browser where it detects the malware).

This supplement contains malicious code that modified without permission, and navigation bar. The truth is not to be alarmed, but it is certainly to be taken into consideration. The application comes from the same creator "Google+Facebook" (Which incidentally has not caused me any problems so far).

In Firefox detected a couple of "threats" so I recommend having extreme caution if installed. Right now I'm getting to review the other supplements, any information you can provide comments and leave her and we echo everything related to Google Plus.
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