Thursday, July 14, 2011

BlockPlus: removes notifications from Google+ to increase productivity [Google Plus]

Google+ is increasingly filled with people. In just 15 days has reached 10 million users ,This is totally amazing. Now the invitations seem to be permanently open.

I have an account on this social network and I can download the products in large quantities, especially because the area of notifications appear in all views of Google services and for people like me who use Google Calendar, Gmail, browser and many Moreover, it seems that you pursue.

To hide these notices can install an extension of Chrome called BlockPlus that only makes this ,removes the box red/orange color that appears beside your name when you are in session and so Google will not see what is happening in Google Plus while you're busy elsewhere.

The extension works in the back and has no options. Anytime you go back notifications just have to disable it and if you want to save some work you can install this extension that allows you to do this faster.

Install BlockPlus.
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