Friday, July 22, 2011

Add more options to the menu "Send To" of Windows

One of the good things I like about Windows is the ability to send any application, document or file in general to a program you have installed. The options are usually there to send to desktop (that is, create a shortcut), email, compress, among other things.

This list can be expanded if we are using a very light software called SendtoSendto you need to download here ,Be installed in seconds and put into practice. What makes this program is to add a new line that says "Add here" and click on this you can add another option that interests you.

To use is simple. After installing go to the application you want to add to the list, right click on it and then "Add Here". A new window will appear with the enforcement action and a button that says "Create" When you should do click.

After this the new line will be created and ready. For example, if you Dropbox installed on your computer and you can add any document will be sent immediately to this place with the new option.

Download SendtoSendto
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