Monday, June 27, 2011

Waiting for Firefox 7

Lately Firefox is talking more than usual, but considering that the third version of the Mozilla Web browser has been-still does-with us for almost three years and that this 2011 have already fallen two plus two new versions that are about to fall, Is well deserved coverage.

Are you looking for media presence in Mozilla with that change in planning versions? It is possible, because developments between them are becoming smaller and smaller ,Without major changes like marked the arrival of Firefox 4. Undoubtedly, Google Chrome has a lot to say this, but that's not the issue now.

Anyway, Firefox 4 was truly a great step forward, only a small Firefox 5, which is what we will see gradually three months in three months. And this year still have no time to Firefox 6 and 7 Why wait for Firefox 7?

Because, despite the progress, Firefox needs a boost in Linux to continue to rely on it as an indisputable part of the majority of GNU/Linux we use, and will not be until version 6 when it begins to tackle the problem, Supposedly ending-the work of its next version.

Because things are worth noting. Does anyone remember one of the novelties of the recently launched Firefox 5? “Better integration into work environments Linux". What do you mean? What do you mean?
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